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What Your Indicator Lights Mean

What Indicator Lights Indicate

When you see a flashing symbol activated inside your vehicle, pay attention! Those flashing lights on the vehicle's display help let you know when something's wrong with your car. Therefore, it's important to know what each of the different symbols mean. Here is a list of meanings for five important indicator lights.
Check Engine Light

If you see the check engine light activated, be alert! It can signify a number of problems with the different parts of the engine, including the fuel injection system and the exhaust system.​ 

Airbag Light

The airbag light can indicate a problem with the supplemental restraint system. That can cause a malfunction that will prevent the airbag from deploying during an accident, which can have deadly consequences.​ 

Gas Light

The gas light is a useful tool for a variety of reasons. It can alert you when your fuel tank is low or if there is a leakage in the fuel tank system. It also lets you know which side of the vehicle the fuel cap is located on.​ 

Tire Pressure Light

The tire pressure light alerts you when the pressure is low in one, two, or all of your tires. Low tire pressure can lead to wear and tear, and even a blowout, so it's important to take care of the problem right away.​ 

Brake Light

If you see the brake light on, that indicates that the parking brake is currently activated. If you drive with the parking brake on, it can extensively damage the braking system.

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