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Mercedes-Benz Lane Assist

Mercedes-Benz Lane Keeping Assist

Safety technology has come a long, long way in the past decade to the point where many vehicles can make adjustments and even stop on its own if the driver fails to do so. Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive features a suite of safety technologies that make driving as a whole bunch safer. One of these main technologies is lane keeping assist.

Lane keeping assist works by warning the driver that they’re leaving their lane via vibrations in the steering wheel. By alerting drivers of the unintended departure, drivers can react accordingly and prevent potential accidents. Fatigue and inattentiveness are two main causes of accidents that lane keeping assist helps prevent.

Making use of a camera inside the front windshield, an electronic control unit (ECU) identifies the road lines thanks to the contrast. That control unit is also capable of determining where the vehicle is in the lane and recognizes when the driver is leaving it, both intentionally and unintentionally.

This safety technology is more advanced than buzzing the steering wheel every time a driver changes lanes though. If a driver accelerates before switching lanes, brakes hard, or steers into a curve, the system won’t put out a warning. In the same way, lane keeping assist alerts the driver earlier if the vehicle crosses a solid line as opposed to a broken one.

If you have any questions regaring Lane Keeping Assist, come on over to our Service Deparment at Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead today!

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