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Summer Tires vs. All-Season Tires​ 

Summer tires and all-season tires each have their pros and cons, and they aren’t as clear cut as you might expect. Depending on the kind of car you drive, where you live, and your driving preferences, you may prefer one over the other.

All-season tires are balanced. They perform best in mild, dry weather conditions, but they’re capable in extreme heat or cold. Their deeper tread means that they last longer than summer tires, which have shallower tread, and their performance is acceptable for most drivers.

While it’s best to switch to winter tires if you live in an area with extreme levels of snow and ice, drivers in more even climates with light snowfall will probably be fine just sticking with their all-season tires. The same goes for summer tires—all-season tires may have less grip in high heat than summer tires do, but drivers in milder climates don’t need to switch.

But summer tires certainly have their benefits. Summer tires are often used on performance vehicles and sports cars because their performance is higher than that of all-season tires. They allow for increased speed, handling, cornering, and braking than all-season tires, and they’re better in wet conditions than all-season tires.

If you do drive a performance vehicle that’s usually equipped with summer tires for improved performance, it’s a good idea to switch over to winter or all-season tires during the winter. Even with little to no snowfall, summer tires don’t handle cold weather as well as the other type of tires do, despite how well they perform in wet conditions.

And always make sure all your tires are of the same type! Using two different kinds of tires—all-season on the back and summer on the front, for example—can cause uneven tread wear and ultimately wear out your tires more quickly.

So make sure to stop on by Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead's Service department and we can help get the tires for your amazing vehicle today!

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