Looking for a more customizable lease? Tired of dealing with cookie cutter lease options? Atlanta drivers can look to Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead with confidence! Our team of professionals is ready to work with drivers all over the Atlanta area to find a lease option that fits your unique driving needs. From long-term leases with lower miles to short-term leases with higher miles and everything in between, our team is ready to help drivers find a lease that meets your needs!

First Class Lease Information Overview

The First class lease allows drivers to set a lease that lasts anywhere from 24-60 months. First Class Lease also provides ample end-of-lease options that are more flexible than normal lease options. The Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead allows drivers three options when returning: 1.) return your vehicle; 2.) extend your current lease; 3.) buy the vehicle. Atlanta drivers can enjoy optional lower insurance premiums. We may be able to help you lower your insurance premiums by simply choosing a higher deductible on your insurance protection. Check with your insurance representative for more information.

Business Tax Deductions & Sales Tax Savings

With our First Class Lease, drivers can enjoy some business savings! If 50% or more is business-related, tax savings may apply. You may also save on the amount of sales tax you pay (in some states).

Single Payment

By making a lump-sum payment upfront on your lease, you can eliminate monthly payments. This can provide significant savings on interest through discounted rates.


With our Auto Pay option, Atlanta drivers can opt for payment deduction directly from their checking account. You won't have to write a monthly check, or deal with mailing! Just set up auto-pay, and the rest is taken care of.